Radio JUJU #4: Adagio

22 June 2019, 6.30pm
Giuseppe Severini

Rib is pleased to present BRUD ‘s fourth episode of Radio JUJU; Adagio following Inigo Wilkins’ Andante, featuring luthier and musician Giuseppe Severini. Giuseppe Severini will give a talk titled Sounds of the Cosmos: Heavenly Harmony since prehistory to modern times. The talk will be followed by a concert on instruments designed and built by Signore Severini himself.

A maker of “philological instruments” from the Dark Ages, Signore Severini’s lively blog and Youtube channel reconstruct forgotten musical histories and instruments using a combination of field visits, scholarly research, and classical craftsmanship. Giuse previously built the Harp of BRUD, an enneatonic Aeolian harp devised by BRUD based on classical Greek macrotonal tuning. When asked which instruments he would bring to JUJU, Giuseppe replied: “I don’t know yet! I must choose the best: Cosmic psaltery, Boneflute, conchshell, mizmar, rombos, little organistrum.”

*Please note that this event is preceded on the same day by an annotated walk by Rana Hamadeh, starting from 4 and ending in Rib at 6pm.

Giuseppe Severini

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Giuseppe Severini is a musician and luthier dedicated to the study and reconstruction of stringed instruments and vocal repertoire of XI and XII centuries. He directs the Secoli Bui society and the Casa della Musica e della Liuteria (House of Music and Lutherie) in Randazzo, Sicily, a private museum open to visitors. He is affiliated with Apemutam (France), and the Istituto di Archeoastronomia Siciliana. He has participated in medieval music festivals in Paris, Chartres, Le Havre, Largentière, Grasse, Santiago de Compostela, Moissac, Montpellier, Perugia, Bevagna, and Palermo.

Brud is an atmosphere surrounding the camera. Brud’s artwork consists of multiple intricate and overlapping automata that unfold over varying scales of space and time. Brud’s erudition draws from knowledge systems of different areas and historical periods. Like Desmond Morris described human beings in The Naked Ape, Brud views the Camera as a new species of intelligent life. Brud meanders between the Screen and the Stage. The goal of Brud is to replace Brud with better Brud. Recent exhibitions include CAC Vilnius, Art in General, New York, Kunstverein Munich, and Futura, Prague.


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