De Fluyt en de Hoi #2: Afspraak

1 April —
31 December 2019
Éléonore Pano-Zavaroni

Now that the pavement has been laid, paving the way for the street inside, visit us to read the incoming post to the visitor of Rib. Afspraak will run through the end of the year.

Elénore Pano-Zavaroni: Afspraak

Afspraak, thought as a window opening, is a circulation, an open conversation from intense intentions of every person connected in one way or another to Rib. Neighbors, colleagues, friends, visitors. Rib becomes a mailbox caring about what is deep within oneself, what makes one stand, what makes one do things, what makes one act and invent.


Afspraak, is part of De Fluyt en de Hoi, a programme developed and guided by Paul Elliman, for which he has asked a group of artists to respond to his directive to explore the life of Rib’s building along with the Charlois neighbourhood and the city surrounding it. Throughout the course of the year, the group will overlap and contribute collectively to the functioning of the building and its outer extensions as a developing social composition within and as part of its environment.

Based around a specific street address and what happens within and nearby, De Fluyt en de Hoi attempts to extend a motivating interest that Elliman shares with the participating artists, “that art can appear in the functioning form of any of those parts of the world that it might claim to be reporting or establishing a connection with”.


Éléonore Pano-Zavaroni (FR, 1988), based in Lyon, organises situations based on encounters and postal exchanges – though her media might be equally clothes, speech, food, drink, and forms of transport. Her work establishes local and remote communities of shared thoughts and ideas, motivated by an interest in the values of community and friendship, and the potential of social over financial dynamics. Along with many others, Elliman has participated in Éléonore’s postal-service project Rendez-vous for the recent Villeurbanne/Rhone-Alpes IAC Biennial in Lyon, also called Rendez-vous.

Paul Elliman (1961, UK) is an artist based in London. His work follows language through many of its social and technological guises, where typography, human voice and bodily gestures emerge as part of a direct correspondence with other visible forms and sounds of the city. His work has been exhibited internationally in many solo and group exhibitions, including Century City, the inaugural exhibition for Tate Modern, London, UK (2001), Unmonumental at the New Museum, New York, USA (2008); Ecstatic Alphabets at MoMA, New York, USA (2012) Objectif Antwerp (2014); KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, (2017); and the Liverpool Biennial (2018). Elliman has been a Yale School of Art faculty since 1997, a long term visiting critic and advisor for Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem since 2000, and was a tutor and advisor for the (temporary) Master of Voice MFA at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, 2016–18.

Julian Lewis (1963, UK) is an architect and urban planner, and co-founder and director of East, award winning architecture, landscape and urban design practice in London. He is interested in how places influence architecture and the designed public realm, and what role architecture can have in cities. Julian is a member of several London Borough Design Review Panels, and is one of the Mayor of London’s Design Advocates. He has been teaching and lecturing since 1992, having held a Diploma Unit teaching post at London Metropolitan University for 13 years. Julian was invited by Valentin Bearth as Visiting Professor at the school of architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland, and taught there from 2009 to 2011. Julian is an Honorary Professor at the University of Nottingham Department of Architecture and Built Environment, and will act as External Examiner at the University of Cambridge Department of Architecture from 2019.