Opening: XenoClassic with a live performance by Daniel Vorthuys

20 January 2017, 6pm


Opening: 6pm, performance: 7pm

Rib is pleased to invite you to the exhibition opening of XenoClassic.
This exhibition is a collaboration between Sam Basu and Liz Murray which includes drawings by the late Prophet Royal Robertson (1936–1997) from their personal collection. On the invitation of Sam Basu, Daniel Vorthuys completes the exhibition and will open the show with a newly commissioned performance-poem, Caenis/Caeneus, with additional text and accompaniment from Sam Basu and Joshua Vorthuys to be recorded and included in the exhibition. Caenis/Caeneus will also inaugurate the launch of our new writing platform, Squirting Wound.


XenoClassic begins with commitment to neurodiversity and to a wider idea of authentic mental conditions. It couples this with a commitment to the Project of Art, with all the predetermined significance of the human removed. It is committed to the work of building a counter hegemony and to the defining of ideals along with our capacity for ‘carriance’, exquisite care and response-ability, yet still being on the side of paranoia (after Dalí’s méthode paranoïaque-critique) and expected alienation.

We fell to earth to live inside David Bowie who is playing Thomas Jerome Newton who is playing a human. Remote planets are in danger, but in the meantime we survive by selling diamonds and impossible technology for hotel rooms and drinks. We are in the business of medical transplants; not transplants between the same species; not allotransplantation (from the Other), but xenotransplantation (from the strange), beyond species. We are indebted to xenoplastic constitutions from the cyborg, the parasite, the possessed, to the enthralled.

We are a strange host.


Caenis/Caeneus explores the classical story of Caenis transformed into Caeneus. Taking the form of a histrionic rock concert, Caenis/Caeneus, brings the classics into a popular frame like a children’s illustrated Illiad.

Writing Platform

Squirting Wound is a peer-writing environment. It is an invited, yearlong online platform for writers and artists-who-write, giving an opportunity to explore together aspects of the field of the written word, literature, text and performance, through a grid of public presentation, residency and peer discussions.

Participants in 2017 are: Nick Carr, Erin Baillie-Rutter, Sabrina Tarasoff, Daniel Vorthuys and Sam Basu.

Squirting Wound is produced in partnership with Treignac Projet, France.
Supported by Gemeente Rotterdam and MYA Culture Funds.