Inauguration Summer Lab and opening: Nose to Flees

19 August 2017, 6–9pm

Over 25 July – 3 September Mat Do and Nicholas Riis, with fellow artists Artun Alaska Arasli and Evita Vasiljeva will look to Rib as a platform for conversation, experimentation and display.

The inaugural summer lab shall be a simple collective venture, into moments of mutual interest and curiosity; where materiality, the everyday and surface are all on repeat. These themes, and others, shall be reconsidered through a temporary lens – the building that constitutes Rib and its original commercial providence; that of a perfumery and subsequent butcheries, supplying them with a rhizomatic framework to reflect and respond through. Here the imbued vernaculars of perfume; smell, distillation, diffusion and meat; cultivation, process, consumption, imitation will be their palette.

The in-gallery portion of the summer lab shall culminate in a group exhibition (Title TBC) running from Sunday 20 August – Sunday 3 September.

Preview: Saturday 19 August, 6–9pm
Finissage: Saturday 2 September, 6–9pm
During the exhibition time the space will be open from Friday to Sunday, 12–5pm and by appointment only. Further details of the exhibition shall be announced in due course.

Throughout the working portion of the lab (26 July – 16 August), when frequenting the space, the artists will operate an open-door policy and encourage members of the public to visit.

Mat Do (1982, UK) lives and works in Rotterdam. He is a graduate of the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam) MFA programme 2016. Recent exhibitions and projects include: Peach/The Life Intense, W139 (Amsterdam);Assemble Relatives, mama/TENT/ramfoundation (Rotterdam); Uproot Rotterdam; public sculpture residency (Museumpark Rotterdam); Here, Glasgow International (SCT/UK); and Sender Sumpf, Künstlerhäuser (Worpswede/DE). Since 2003 he has worked with institutions and organisations including Vote Art; Grizedale Arts, Cumbria; Wysing Arts, Cambridge; and Tate Britain, London (all UK).

Nicholas Riis (1987, DK/NO) lives and works in Amsterdam. He is a graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam) Fine Art BA programme 2013, and is a recent graduate of the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam) MFA programme 2017. Recent exhibitions include The works don’t gel, Juliette Jongma 2017 (Amsterdam); My, My, A Body Does Get Around at Wilfried Lentz (Rotterdam); Exhibition at Plato (Ostrava/CZ); Lo and behold, hosted by Juliette Jongma at Manifesta 2015 (Amsterdam); and Vrom Ee toe Bie toe Zie toe Die, P/////AKT (Amsterdam) and Kim? (Riga/LV) in collaboration with the artist collective NF.

Artun Alaska Arasli (1987, TR) lives and works in Amsterdam. Recent exhibitions and performances include Warming Up, Rozenstraat (Amsterdam), The Beauty Commission, Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam); Hospice, Wilfried Lentz (Rotterdam) and Markus Luttgen (Cologne/DE); and Metal Fatigue, The Tip (Frankfurt am Main/DE).

Evita Vasiļjeva (1985, Riga/LV) lives and works in Amsterdam. In 2016, she completed the 2-year residency programme at De Ateliers, Amsterdam. Selected exhibitions and performances include Manhours in Headquarters, P/////AKT, Amsterdam (2017); YOUNG POPES, Latvian Institute Rome, Italy (2017); Feed Your Friends, Odd, Bucharest (2017); Over Hang, W139, Amsterdam (2017); Printhouse on the Gut Level, kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia (2016); and Based on a True Story, Kafana Box Office, Amsterdam (2012) in collaboration with Frederique Pissuise.

From summer 2017 Rib will dedicate its summer slot July and August to an open call for exhibition proposals and activities by young artists mainly from Rotterdam. Next to producing an exhibition or developing a public program the selected artists will become your new host, run the space and determine its new opening hours.