De Fluyt en de Hoi #4: The Liquid Reader Street Sessions #2

28 September, 4pm
Rana Hamadeh
Liquid Reading session #1 with Rana Hamadeh, 22 June 2019

Liquid Reading session #1 with Rana Hamadeh, 22 June 2019


Please join us on Saturday 28 September at 4pm, at Rib for the second reading session organized by Rana Hamadeh.

The Liquid Reader Street Sessions involve an open-air study-trajectory and syllabus that Hamadeh has been designing and activating in collaboration with Rib, Rotterdam. This ‘reader-on-the-move’, located in the residential south of Rotterdam, will be putting into practice the incessant exchange of bodies and words, as an attempt to affect relations through movement. In the upcoming session, the participants will be literally ‘exercising’ their way through the book of Kathi Weeks, The Problem with Work | Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics and Postwork Imaginaries.

The Liquid Reader is part of the project, Opaque Justice: A Dialectics of Rerouting – a ‘playground’ dedicated to the practice of what Hamadeh refers to as ‘testimonial life’.

The Liquid Reader Street-Sessions (1–4) are organized upon the invitation of De Fluyt en de Hoi, a program developed and guided by Paul Elliman, for which he has asked a group of artists to respond to his directive to explore the life of Rib’s building along with the Charlois neighborhood and the city surrounding it. Throughout the course of the year, the group will overlap and contribute collectively to the functioning of the building and its outer extensions as a developing social composition within and as part of its environment. Based around a specific street address and what happens within and nearby, De Fluyt en de Hoi attempts to extend a motivating interest that Elliman shares with the participating artists, “that art can appear in the functioning form of any of those parts of the world that it might claim to be reporting or establishing a connection with”.

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. The workout might turn out to be clumsy and embarrassing.

Supported by Gemeente Rotterdam, Mondriaan Fund*, Prins Bernhard Culture Fund,

*Mondriaan Fund Experimenteerregeling contributed to the honorarium of the artist