Opening: v/a polish bootlegs (during South Explorer)

10–11 November 2018, 1–6pm
Adrian Kolarczyk. "v/a polish bootlegs"

Adrian Kolarczyk. “v/a polish bootlegs”

For her project at Rib, curatorial intern Magdalena Adameczek has proposed the presentation of work by Polish artist Adrian Kolarczyk.

v/a polish bootlegs is made from 143 polish cassette tapes manufactured between 1990–1994 and purchased from various classifieds in Poland. At the time, audio tapes copied from the latest CDs could be bought almost everywhere, there was no law limiting illegal bootlegging and selling tapes, and their quality varied from poor to almost professional-level recordings. Between October and December 2018, Adameczek will react to Kolarczyk’s work as it comes into contact with Charlois, a part of Rotterdam where one is immersed in an intensifying network of all Polish businesses.