Record: Inferpretation & Intection

Book presentation: 16 October 2016, 3pm
Steve Van den Bosch



We are pleased to invite you to the first presentation in the Netherlands of Record, a newly produced book by the Belgian artist Steve Van den Bosch, published by Roma publications, Amsterdam in 2016.

It is a magical book that, like all magic books, looks and feels just like any other book but is pregnant with unforeseen implications, not unlike Borges’ The Book of Sands. We can claim with confidence that it is one of the best publications we have seen in a long time that has managed to strike a perfect balance between being and seeming. It might also seem a controversial book. Record appears at first fully complicit with the white cube ideology, however once one engages with its folds, its conventions turn into a material condition from which we are liberated. A well crafted piece of art that  demonstrates the playing against each other the conventions of photography, documentation, objectivity, the gallery space, authorship and science and at the same time just being an artist monograph. It is made in collaboration with forensic photographer Eric Sapin from Switzerland and consists of a total of 328 pages.

Van den Bosch will discuss the book in conjunction with his recent solo-exhibition at De Garage, Cultuur Centrum Mechelen, which he activates as a live footnote to the book. Even the price follows the logic of the book. It is neither cheap nor expensive for what it is.

We start at 3pm sharp. Please ensure you are on time.
Limited seats available!

Supported by Gemeente Rotterdam and MYA Culture Funds