Rib247: Tête à tête

8 October 2017
Clementine Edwards
Clementine Edwards, Tête à tête, 2017

Clementine Edwards, Tête à tête, 2017

Clementine will work daily in front of the camera at Rib, 10:00–12:00 CEST. During this time she will talk around the idea of plural subjectivities and trauma. Using the real-time video documentation as a poignant extension of real-life habits, Clementine will also address routine, alienation and solitude. At the end of each days’ live session, she will install any work she’s produced within the work-space at the gallery.

Tête à tête was conceived of as an investigation into communication and routine in the face of trauma. Communication is a mode of visibility, and routine is a way of evoking stability where trauma denies that stability. But the project has evolved. Instead of having a banal conversation with trauma, as she originally envisaged, Clementine will look at how to story-make through trauma, and how to evoke intimacy via the disembodied.

Clementine plans on drinking a thermos of coffee daily to stimulate frantic work activity, but she will not work on Fridays or Saturdays, when the gallery is open.

Clementine Edwards is an artist and editor from Australia. She is currently at the Dutch Art Institute and lives in the Netherlands. www.clementineedwards.com