Ghost Stories of the British Museum: prints

Noah Angell & Francis Gooding

The wall-mounted mapping of the British Museum’s architectural plan, with dotted coordinates indicating incidents of hauntings, on-site suicides and architecturally specific feelings of unease, will be updated as new information comes in—several times over the course of the yearlong exhibition. For each iteration of the mapping an edition of five prints will be produced.


Il Grande Silenzio: publication and posters

Christoph Meier/Axel Stockburger

Rib is producing its first publication, beautifully designed by Kristin Metho (publication date: 2017), consisting of 20 casting portraits from Il Grande Silenzio, a film by Christoph Meier/Axel Stockburger, that were never shown before. The portraits include both the actors that feature in the film and those who rejected or eventually decided to not take part.

Next, to this limited edition publication, individual portraits will be turned into posters as shown across the street at the Kam Tao Snackbar during the exhibition 4 works, 3 artists, one projection. All 20 portraits can also be ordered for print on demand.